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HR/Recruitment Links

As a Human Resource consulting company with a specialization in Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consulting, a Professional Speaker on Recruitment Process, Job Search, and Business Topics, and an Award Winning Author, it is important that we keep clients up to date on the latest human resource and recruitment consulting news. For 2012, we went through this entire page to delete links that no longer worked and updated the entire page. If you click on the Human Resources link you will jump to the SHRM news releases for HR and Recruitment. These are RSS feeds that are updated every time you refresh the screen.

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Bill Humbert published the 2nd edition of "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" on Kindle. This book guides a candidate step by step through the job search process. The Appendix contains sample behavioral questions for college recruits to C-Level candidates. The questions are separated by type of job and level of experience - a valuable resource for hiring managers or Human Resource departments. "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" soft cover may also be purchased on Amazon.

The following links are the best of class for Talent Acquisition Recruitment Consulting and Human Resource information. Most of these companies/sites have either been used while on a talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant assignment or highly recommended by fellow professional recruiters.

As a service to fellow talent acquisition recruiters the following is how best to Counter the Counter Offer

Countering the Counter Offer

Have you ever sourced the Best Candidate; sold them on the opportunity with your company or client; worked with them through the interview process, answering their questions; helped the hiring manager determine the best compensation package; extend the offer that they accepted; and then lost the candidate to a counter offer? If you have been in the talent acquisition recruitment business for any amount of time, you have experienced that sinking feeling when they stop returning your calls.

When should a recruiter begin to prepare a candidate for the counter offer? My suggestion is to bring up the topic when you are setting up the onsite interview. Why? You want them talking about it long before they experience the counter offer. Why? You don’t want them to experience the natural ego boost when they feel wanted, possibly for the first time in a long time at their current company.

A great way to bring up the topic is head on. “How do you plan on handling the counter offer if my company/client extends you an offer that you accept?” Hate to bring this up but some candidates use interviewing outside of their company as leverage to get a raise. Obviously there is a lack of integrity, but they have been successful squeezing what they wanted out of a company using that tactic in the past. It’s best to begin to coach them now – and the best way to begin coaching is to know their response to that question.

Now is the time to ask the following question again, “Why are you considering a job change now?” Many times the response I’ve received is “You intrigued me. Otherwise I was not looking.” Then you may ask them, “What was it about this position that intrigued you?” This response is very important to your success. Write it down in your notes (all the better if you work with an applicant tracking system!).

While discussing the counter offer early on, I like to bring up the statistic that depending on the economy and industry between 67% and 80% of those employees who accept a counter offer leave in the next 6 months – and their company knows that statistic.

If that is true why do companies extend counter offers? Typically to protect themselves. The manager suddenly realizes they need that person that they have either been ignoring or have not allowed them to move to a new project, area, manager, etc. They realize they will lose important knowledge that the person will take with them. They may have lost other members of their team and are afraid how this departure will reflect on them. Sometimes they suddenly realize they are under compensating their employee (but they still have a budget).

Fast forward to the offer. Once the manager has decided to extend an offer, typically they have already begun penciling the candidate into meetings (even when the candidate has not accepted). By now the candidate and I have had several conversations about the counter offer. They are now expecting one. Once the candidate accepts the offer, I ask them to let me know how many of the following statements they hear from various members of management:

1) “I am shocked that you want to leave! I thought you were happy. As a matter of fact, tomorrow we were going to discuss a (promotion, raise, new project, etc.) with you.” (Call me a cynic but the timing is suspect…”)

2) “You are a very valuable employee. We need to see what we can do to encourage you to stay.”

3) “I am happy that you came to me because I planned to chat with you about moving to another organization/project within our company” (that was nixed in a previous conversation).

4) “I am very disappointed that you chose such a busy time to leave our organization. Can’t you see the impact of your departure will have on everyone else?” (RecruiterGuy loves that one. “The manager is trying to put a guilt trip on the employee!”)

5) “Your manager just came to me to discuss your resignation. I asked if I could talk with you. You are a key person in our growth plans. I am sorry we haven’t shared this with you sooner. Let’s sit down and discuss the needed changes…” (generally an executive speaking)

6) “What will it take for you to stay?” (At least that one is upfront in its intent!)

7) “As you know, we rarely make counter offers here. You are such a key person. We will make an exception. What do you want to stay?”

8) “Thank you for coming to me and discussing needed changes. Would you like to lead those changes?” (Generally once you accept the counter offer, the desire to make the immediate changes in the organization dissolves shortly after) Then they will say, “Let’s just finish what you are working on first. Then we will discuss the changes.” (Note – they won’t say “make the changes” again)

One of my candidates called me after their resignation and proudly told me the company hit 7 of the 8 statements during the day of his resignation. Then he laughed and told me he was happy I warned him.

Why is accepting a counter offer typically one of the worse things an employee can do – and leads to so many leaving within the next 6 months?

    • The employee’s loyalty to their current company is now questioned. Subtly they will begin to see changes in how management works with them if they accept the counter offer. Fewer strategic conversations and more tactical conversations as they begin the brain drain. Management also knows the employee will most likely leave in 6 months. Therefore, management will begin to plan who is going to replace the employee.
    • Remember the odds of further success at that company decline rapidly once the employee accepts a counter offer. Management is now focused on “protecting themselves” instead of future contributions from the employee. They know the employee will only be in the position a short time before they have to go through the expense and time of replacing them.

Usually accepting a counter offer will burn the bridge with the company where the employee successfully interviewed and received an offer. Now the employee who was excited by the company, the new position, the hiring manager and the offer has to go to the offering company and give them the news they accepted a counter offer. Generally that conversation does not go well. Once a manager decides to extend an offer, they begin to plan for the new employee’s start and begin penciling them in for meetings. They are very excited they have finally found the right person for the position. Imagine the level of disappointment when they are told the candidate accepted a counter offer.

As an expert talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant I recommend to candidates, “The best way to resign is to graciously thank the manager for the experience working with them. Then firmly tell them that they are very excited about the new opportunity and give the date of their departure (generally 2 weeks’ notice). When a manager approaches to discuss the counter offer, simply thank them and begin discussing the transition.”

By discussing the counter offer early and often during the recruiting process, you increase the probability of delivering your candidate to your company or client.

You may now access this page directly by going to www.RecruiterGuy.info

Training and Development

As a Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant, Bill has been exposed to many companies who provide training at the corporate level. Below are a few links to quality training opportunities for recruitment and retention.

Nancy Fredericks International

Nancy Fredericks Master Coach/Consultant/Trainer/Speaker has been a strategic leader in business for over 20 years. She brings to every assignment a wide breadth of knowledge, rare insights and effective strategies for executives and corporations that have created unparalleled levels of success. Nancy’s known for bringing custom solutions to what seem unsolvable, impossible circumstances. As co-author of Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, she offers an unsurpassed expertise concerning the distinction between how men and women think and react in business. She is a dynamic, inspiring, professional presenter whose approach is interactive and engaging. Her topics offer a fresh perspective that is content-targeted to present day issues. Nancy has a proven track record with diverse companies from Fortune 100 to small boutiques to entrepreneurs.

Felix Global

"Lizz Pellett sold EMERGE International to Felix Global where she will remain focused on employment branding and presenting at conferences. “We are dedicated to supporting our clients create healthy and productive work environments. We collaborate to create powerful solutions that align your employment brand with your culture so that you deliver a consistent, congruent and successful brand message. These congruent brand messages allow you to increase the ROI of recruitment and retention programs. The outcome is simple – your organization is able to attract and retain the right employees and repel the ones that just won't fit.”

American Management Association

American Management Association provides Management Training and Professional Development courses. They are one of the largest and most diverse of the training organizations. This is where we received our training on the legal aspects of contract recruitment consulting.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, Bill Humbert has had opportunities to work with many different Applicant Tracking Systems. While he was the Recruiting Manager at McLeod TMO in 1995, he worked with a help desk programmer to build a Lotus Notes applicant tracking system for “free” utilizing shareware. It was a robust system that enabled the company to grow from 400 employees to 8000 employees through acquisition and integration over 5 years. Deb did a great job with the technical side of the development.

RecruiterGuy.com analyzed the different Applicant Tracking Systems for small and medium sized businesses and chose the SmartSearch Applicant Tracking System by APS 2k for our contract recruitment business model. It is just another differentiator for our business. It is an important differentiator for a start-up business because rarely are Applicant Tracking Systems important for them. It seems that new systems pop up every month. SmartSearch is very stable and has been around for 25 years.


SmartSearch Online provides the technology framework for your Internet recruiting strategy -- it’s the smart technology for sourcing, tracking and hiring the people you need. The easiest system on the market to implement and the easiest to use, SmartSearch Online ensures the fastest adoption by your users and the quickest return on your investment. Our "customer driven" approach works effectively for both staffing firms and corporate human resource departments.

SmartSearch Online is a product of Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS) a leading Application Service Provider in the automated recruiting marketplace. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, APS understands how to design and implement software to help organizations recruit effectively. From the World-Class Career Center for your corporate web site to the best, 100% web-based Applicant Tracking System available, SmartSearch Online has everything you need to satisfy your most pressing staffing needs. And because we are an application service provider there is no need to buy any hardware or software - all you need is a connection to the internet and a browser. And, unlike so many products, SmartSearch Online actually works better in production than it does in the demo!

Obviously that verbiage is from the APS website. However, we totally agree with them. This is a solution that scales nicely from small to medium sized businesses and is very affordable. My account representative is Sylvia Dahlby at SmartSearch. You may reach her at 760-941-2800 or Sylvia@aps2k.com. She is very customer focused.


Taleo is an enterprise based system, sized to fit a very high volume resume requirement. It is a nice system and fairly easy to learn and use. We are concerned that Taleo consistently seems to encourage the insertion of the application prior to their clients’ contact with candidates. This moves the client recruiters away from the Recruiting IS Sales model and toward clerk recruiting; potentially costing their client candidates.

Oracle iRecruitment

Oracle iRecruitment is another enterprise model for the large corporation and based on the Oracle database management system.


Recruiterbox appears to be a nice ATS for small companies, just dipping their toes into the Applicant Tracking System world. If they only have one job to track candidates, the license is free. Recruiterbox is an online applicant tracking system that helps companies receive applications from multiple sources to one searchable database. It enables teams to work together on screening applicants, assigning interviews, sharing feedback and communicating with candidates - all from the system. Customers include Groupon, Stripe, Kik, Standard Market and many other companies.

As a contract recruitment consultant, over the coming year we will review other applicant tracking systems and add them to this section.

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Job Boards

As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, Bill has been working with Job Boards since 1993 (Online Career Center, later acquired by Monster). Depending on the client, he has had a lot of exposure to the larger Job Boards and their Idiosyncrasies. Over the years, many niche sites pop up and then later disappear. Here is a list of Job Boards.


A site developed in partnership with the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and Gazette Communications. Promoted nationally. It is an inexpensive way to get your firm's name in front of candidates searching the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor. You may link to your website for more company information for the candidates and your job openings. You may search resumes that have been stored in their database. When this site was developed we gave them advice as a recruitment consulting member of the local HR Advisory group sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Chamber/Economic Development and the Iowa City Area Development.


When Bill was providing Contract Recruitment support to MCI in 1992-1994, he began using OCC.com. As the Recruiting Manager for McLeod TMO, he signed McLeod TMO as an OCC member in 1994. This was McLeod’s first Internet presence. Later OCC.com was purchased by Monster.com. Monster was the largest job board up until 2006 when CareerBuilder took its place. It appears that even Monster has abandoned its model for its corporate recruitment. When we applied for a contract recruitment consultant position, we were informed that Monster’s Accounting Managers in Milwaukee “preferred only contract recruiters who have lived and worked in Milwaukee and had a rolodex of Accounting resumes”. We assume they no longer believe in the use of their tool nor business model. Too bad. Monster used to be our favorite job board and we recommended quite a few companies.


Careerbuilder has become the leader on job boards, primarily as a result of the strategic alliances that they have built. They allow candidates to apply directly to jobs instead of forcing them to place their resume in the general resume database to be searched by everyone. The good news as a recruiter is that the candidate who applies to your jobs may not be searched by other recruiters. The bad news is that you cannot see the candidates who have applied for other jobs unless the candidate allows it. It’s a double edged sword.


The strength and focus of Dice is IT and Engineering. In the past, it was always slightly behind HotJobs as a source of resumes. Since HotJobs was acquired by Monster, Dice has nicely become the leading IT online job board.

eFinancial Careers

Jobsinthemoney was acquired by the company that owns Dice, who changed the name to eFinancial Careers. The goal is to grow it as a niche site as they grew Dice. In the past, I had success finding Internal Audit candidates on jobsinthemoney. The caveat is to check the date the candidate put their resume on jobsinthemoney. Some of them were pretty old (2 years or more). Hopefully the new owner has changed that practice.

Craigs list

In the spirit of the San Francisco Bay area, Craigs List is the place to post job openings in some areas around the country. Inexpensive and well known in the community. Craigs List also provides links to housing, services, and the community. Craigs list has now expanded to other cities in the US and internationally. While posting positions, it is important to remember that no site offers something for everyone. Companies need to post openings in appropriate boards.


Occasionally as a contract recruitment consultant, we find ourselves sourcing in a new field. While on contract with Acciona Energy, we recruited construction professionals with wind farm construction. This site began as a way for contractors from different energy fields - oil, electric generation, outside plant to connect with companies needing their services. Steve Ryan of Roadtechs.com was great to work with and developed a board for alternative energy. This is a great example of posting where the professionals are grazing.

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Background Investigations

In the past, background investigations required a fax with a signed authorization before a company could request a background investigation. Today most of these background investigations have web based systems that are user friendly. Many of them allow real time checks on the progress of the process. These are professional services and take that load off of Corporate Recruiters and Contract Recruiters.

American Background Information Services, Inc.

For a quarter of a century American Background has provided comprehensive, compliant and innovative employment screening and verification services that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the workplace in the North American market. Offering regulatory compliance in all 50 states and many other countries, American Background provides consultative support at all stages of the screening process.

Barada Associates, Inc.

Barada Associates are reference checking professionals. In some states, third party recruiters are no longer legally able to conduct reference checks. Barada, for a modest fee, will conduct a thorough reference check to insure your candidate is the best.


Kroll can help you verify the backgrounds and resumes of candidates at all levels. Kroll has more than 60 offices and fluency in nearly 40 languages. This provides their clients with an international ability that is so critical in the new Flat World. They also provide form I-9 services.

MicroBilt Corporation

MicroBilt Corporation provides candidate background checking and credit checking. They can provide up to 170 data source reports.

screening One

Screening ONE provides candidate background checking, credit checking, and motor vehicle record checks. They also help you coordinate drug tests.

Verifications Inc.

Verifications Inc. partners with their clients to provide best practices pre-employment screening solutions, including drug testing and background screening.

LexisNexis Employment Screening and Background Checks

LexisNexis is a leading solution for employment screening and background checks. When we were on a contract recruitment consulting contract recently, we used this service. It was easy to use. LexisNexis was responsive when there were questions.

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Candidate Skill Testing and Personality Profiles

As a contract recruitment consulting firm, Bill is often called upon by his clients to assess and recommend vendors in recruitment related fields. Psychological and skill testing is one of those areas where he is often asked for recommendations. We take the time to interview the vendors, keeping in mind the culture and needs of the client. When we recommend a vendor, we are fairly certain they will meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

John D. Hezel & Associates, Inc.

Since 1973, John D. Hezel & Associates, Inc. has assisted organizations nationwide achieve profitable growth by providing accurate, informative answers to difficult questions. From the moment a company chooses John D. Hezel & Associates, we will work to give you the optimum return for your dollar. We focus on small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries. John D. Hezel & Associates is a group of highly trained professionals in the field of business.

I selected Mary Martin of JD Hezel from a group of 10 assessment organizations for a client who was hiring C-Level candidates with corporate turnaround/financial restructuring experience. Mary was always very responsive and effective. She understands the importance of client service.

Predix Link Inc.

Predix provides companies with the PDP System of behavioral assessments on the candidate, the job and the team. Additionally they provide “Know Your Talent” workshops to augment your company's orientation process. Know Your Talents™ taps the natural strengths and behaviors of your new employees and helps them successfully merge into the culture of your organization. Predix understands the importance of empowering new employees to embrace their behavioral strengths and help them take full control of their career path and opportunities offered within your organization. Predix helps each employee understand the job they are going into, the critical connections they will face, and how to work within their own personal strengths to accomplish their professional goals.


Many of us heard of ACT in high school while preparing for college. However, in the business world, ACT is becoming more famous because of their WorkKeys system of testing candidates prior to their offer.

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Drug Testing

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics provides drug testing services. They are a third party provider that works with the laboratories that provide the tests. We worked with Quest Diagnostics on a contract recruiter consulting project. It was easy to use and reliable.

Background Bureau

Background Bureau is a one stop background investigation and drug test company that was mentioned in USAToday and the Wall Street Journal. Their costs seem inexpensive for the first year.

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Human Resources

Salt Lake City SHRM

Salt Lake City SHRM is a very active SHRM organization. They meet the second Tuesday of the month at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. Salt Lake SHRM holds a Professional Development Workshop on various Human Resource topics from 10 to 11 AM. This is followed by several “Hot Topic Table Discussions” prior to the “Professional Development Seminar” held over lunch. The meetings that we’ve attended have been very professional and very interesting.

Eastern Iowa Human Resource Association

The Eastern Iowa Human Resource Association (EIHRA) is an excellent organization for Human Resource professionals in Eastern Iowa. This association provides Human Resource Professionals the ability to meet with others in the region to discuss topics of local and national interest. Additionally, they provide job leads and valuable training. This is a great way for Human Resource professionals to network and learn from other professionals.

Northeast Human Resource Association

The Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) is an excellent organization for Human Resource professionals in New England. This association provides Human Resource Professionals the ability to meet with others in the region to discuss topics of local and national interest. Additionally, they provide job leads and valuable training.

The Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is an excellent organization for Human Resource professionals of any size of company. As an association, SHRM provides valuable training and information for Human Resource Departments of all sizes. In 2009 Bill was the President of the Iowa Senior Human Resource Association. He feels that it is important for every Human Resource professional to belong to SHRM for their own personal development and networking, whether their company contributes to their dues or not.

Below are the latest Human Resource and Recruiting news releases from SHRM. Please bookmark this page for Human Resource Consulting information.

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Recruiter Training


AIRS was first introduced to us in 1998. At that time, they were working hard to discover ways of reaching resumes outside of the Job Boards. Then they taught recruiters what they discovered. Highly recommend these courses to professional recruiters. This training has been invaluable because it enables us to reach candidates that less skilled recruiters never see.

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Online Recruitment Literature

CareerXroads by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

CareerXroads is a must “Favorite” for every recruiter's browser. Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler are frequent presenters at recruitment conferences. As Recruitment Thought Leaders they are often sought for their recruitment knowledge. Be sure to stop and chat with them if you meet them at an ERE or staffing conference.

The Fordyce Letter

The Fordyce Letter has been the official newsletter of the Recruitment Industry for forty years. It contains a wealth of recruitment information. For instance, articles have included suggestions for guarantees, clauses to include in recruitment contracts to protect you, and how to best answer the counter offer. Every professional recruiter should be a subscriber.

Recruiting Trends

Recruiting Trends is a leading online recruiting magazine with articles written by recruitment thought leaders. They also sponsor Online Recruiting Conferences in the US and the UK.

RecruiterGuy Blog

As a contract recruiter consultant for 20 years, our blog discusses current recruitment strategies and topics. Many of our blogs have been published in other online venues, including "Attracting Passive Candidates?" , "Countering the Counter Offer” and "Building an Effective Job Description", "The Offer Acceptance To Job Start Transition" , "Recruiting Out Of State Candidates Successfully" , "What Makes Employees Happy?"target="_blank" and "1960’s Recruiting in 2011".

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One of the best salary comparisons that compare salaries from city to city is Homefair.com. Their "Salary Calculator" is one of the best that I have found because it is based on the cost of living in compared cities. In our role as a contract recruitment consultant, we have used this tool many times over the years to consult with our clients.


Salary.com provides a service for both corporations and candidates. Use it as a guide for salaries for many different professional positions in the United States. The salaries are based on national averages adjusted by geographic salary differentials.

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When a Contract Recruiter Consultant has a heavy requisition load, sometimes the client will provide a sourcing company to help the Contract Recruiter Consultant identify and develop candidates. Here are several potential sources. I have used Don D’Andrea and Broadlook.

Don D'Andrea

Don is very effective at sourcing candidates for your recruitment team. Our client in Santa Clara utilized Don’s service for software QA engineers. He sourced quality candidates! A typical assignment will develop a minimum of 60 profiled candidates who want to hear from your firm. He will encourage the profiled candidates to explore your opportunity using the evidence that you provide. Very effective.


The Internet is the greatest data source we have ever seen. Always changing, expanding, updating and evolving at a pace faster than we can digest. In order for the Internet to be a great business information source, we must be able to able to identify the information we need, aggregate it efficiently, review it effectively and take action.

Led by a former recruiter, Broadlook Technologies has focused on delivering innovative software solutions and services to empower business professionals to “Leverage the Internet” as a real-time source of contact, company and business intelligence and information for passive talent recruiting as well as business development.

Explore Broadlook's menu of internet research tools to see which would benefit your recruitment and business development efforts:

Profiler: In minutes, Profiler can scan thousands of pages of information on a company, and pull back names, titles, email addresses, company and direct phone numbers, bios, and more. Filter and export results into SmartSearch.

Eclipse: With a few quick steps, you can capture and export online lists, directories, associations, societies, member directories, and other Internet structured lists without the typical copy/paste process that drains hours out of your day.

Diver: Finally take advantage of all the data Search Engines can provide. Use your search strings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others and use Diver to peel out contact, resume, or social profile data saving you hours of critical research time.

Job Pulse: Automate the sourcing of job postings from major and niche job boards to track hiring trends, identify sales opportunities, or map competitive intelligence. Export results or bring companies into Broadlook Profiler to find contacts.

Market Mapper: A search and filter tool, Market Mapper quickly allows you to build a list of companies from scratch using keywords. Go beyond traditional SIC Codes to narrow your list and export company URLs into Broadlook Profiler.

News Pulse: A continuous stream of news articles from thousands of Internet sources to stay updated on market trends, relevant topics, and newly published information without the clumsy e-mail alerts.

Velocity Resource Group

Velocity will begin by sourcing all of the internet job boards identifying qualified candidates. Over a two week period Velocity will call candidates up to 5 times connect and to determine the level of interest in your opening. They call at night and on the weekend. Additionally, Velocity will send up to 3 emails (if necessary) to determine candidate’s level of interest. Daily interested candidates can be viewed and acted upon through “Your Velocity Status Page”. You may see the results of the previous night's calls the next morning.

Velocity’s Candidate Contact: Velocity explains to the candidate that they are calling on behalf of your company and their role is simply to determine that the candidate is available and interested. If a candidate asks questions about the position, responsibilities, or salary Velocity will inform the potential candidate as instructed by the client.

Phone: (435)714-4425 Email: RecruiterGuy@msn.com

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