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Professional Contract Recruitment Consulting Resource Links

As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, It would have been nice for all of this information to be located in one site for my use prior to this site's development. As you are aware, the recruiting world is very dynamic. If there are broken links, or if you would like to see other resources, please email me.

These are links to resources for all professional recruiters.  They include training, background checking sources, sourcing companies, recruiter directories, association job posting links, sourcing resources, and other links that may be of interest.  

At the bottom of the page are a couple of books that may help you improve your recruitment efforts.

Read "Countering the Counter Offer" on the Recruiter Resources index page.

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Contract Recruiter Consultant Resources

ERE (Electronic Recruiter Exchange)

ERE is one of the most comprehensive recruiter boards. You will see Contract Recruiter Consultants, Corporate recruiters, and Contingent Recruiters networking and exchanging information. ERE rates Applicant Tracking Systems, hosts Contract Recruiter Consultant Blogs, and discussion groups. Additionally they have a list of Contract Recruiter Consultant, Contingent and Corporate recruiting jobs. This is a very informative recruitment site. ERE hosts two informative Recruitment Expos per year with outstanding recruitment related speakers and exhibitors.

Contract Recruiters International

If you are a Contract Recruiter or in a company looking for a Contract Recruiter, talk with us, we are your cost-effective recruiting solution. Since 1986 we have specialized in providing Contract Staffing professionals to corporations for long-term and short term Contract Recruiting assignments.

Contract Recruiter Jobs

Doug Franklin created a YahooGroup for Contract Recruiter Consultants called Contract Recruiter Jobs. Simply sign up as a member of Contract Recruiter Jobs in order to see new Contract Recruiter Consultant jobs posted daily. Doug also publishes a Contract Recruiter Blog that is picked up at Electronic Recruiter Exchange (www.ere.net See above).


Indeed.com posts Contract Recruiter consultant jobs at this URL. The postings range from the very inexperienced “contract recruiter” to the very experienced Contract Recruiter Consultant. The seasoning represents the difference from the quotations to the capitalization of Contract Recruiter.


While SHRM is not a Contract Recruiter Consultant site. Occasionally you may find a Contract Recruiter Consultant position posted on this site. Obviously, the strength of SHRM jobs are the HR related positions.

Recruiters Network The Association for Internet Recruiting

Recruiters Network is another association that Contract Recruiters and as a matter of fact any Recruiter should belong to. They post Recruiting and HR jobs. There is the RECNET listserv that has timely recruitment information. Members of Recruiters Network also qualify for discounts from many vendors. This is another good resource for a Contract Recruiter.

Oya's Directory of Recruiters

Oya's Directory of recruiters is a must listing for any professional contingent or contract recruiter consultant. The listing is free and is categorized by location and/or industry. Just another way to market your services.

Kennedy Information

If you are an experienced Contract Recruiter Consultant, you need to list yourself or your business in the Kennedy Information Directory of Executive Recruiters Online. Kennedy Information also runs Executive Search conferences. As a service to candidates and executive recruiters, top qualified candidates go to their directory and will forward their resumes to you. As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, this service alone is worth joining their excellent directory.

Submit your website to 20 Search Engines - FREE with ineedhits!

If you have decided to develop a website to support your Contract Recuiter Consultant business, ineedhits.com is a good way to get your URL out to the search engines.

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Training and Development

As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, RecruiterGuy has been exposed to many companies who provide training for professional recruiters. Below are a few links to quality training opportunities for recruitment.

Bill Vick

Bill Vick is one of the icons of the professional recruiting world. He is well known for his success as a Big Biller in Professional Recruitment. As a result of his success and his passion for recruitment, he is in great demand as a speaker. His newest project is a series of pod casts on corporate recruitment for Kennedy. Look for a link here once the project is completed. Why would your business be interested in Bill Vick? Wouldn’t it be nice if your corporate recruiters had the skill and passion for recruitment that Bill exudes?

Bill Radin

Bill Radin is widely known in the ranks of professional recruiters. He is well known for his seminars, books, CDs and tapes on successful recruitment methods and habits. Bill Radin is in great demand as a speaker. He holds seminars nationwide. His website is a treasure trove of recruitment resources.

American Management Association

American Management Association provides Management Training and Professional Development courses. They are one of the largest and most diverse of the training organizations. This is where I received my training on the legal aspects of contract recruitment consulting.

Barb Bruno

Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS is one of the leading Recruiting, Sales, Management, Motivational and Internationally Renowned Training Professionals today with thirty years of speaking experience. She has addressed thousands of audiences and is known for the wealth of information that she shares in her sessions. Barbara delivers practical, logical, and “easy to implement” content. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her unique sense of humor makes learning fun! Barb has been the top rated speaker at the 25+ Conferences she addressed this past year, including NAPS, ASA, ACSESS, National and International Conferences, Empowering Women’s Network, American Cancer Society and RR Donnelly. Barbara’s Keynote addresses leave her audiences entertained, excited, and motivated.

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HR Job Boards


SHRM is the obvious start to your search for a position in Human Resources. The positions posted on this site are nationwide so you may have to move in order to move up. SHRM is also a great opportunity to network. Join one of the local SHRM associations and network your way to your next position by being active in the local association.


They put it best. “No Banners. No Pop-ups. Just HR Jobs”.


Human Resource and Recruitment Jobs. Since CareerGuide acquired StaffingWorld, Recruiters can post jobs for a fee and job seekers can post their resume and search jobs for free. CareerGuide has also widen the scope of their jobs to include most other occupations.

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IT Job Boards

Operation IT

Operation IT is a sophisticated, yet easy to use employment center. It only focuses on jobs in the IT sector.


Dice.com has become the definitive niche site for IT and software engineering positions.

Just AS400 Jobs

As the name implies, Just AS400 Jobs is a site dedicated to mid-range IT professionals and recruiters. It is a site run by Just Tech Jobs. There are AS400 job postings.

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Nursing Recruitment

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

Building on decades of clinical excellence, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) provides and inspires leadership to establish work and care environments that are respectful, healing and humane. The key to AACN's success is through its members. Therefore, AACN is committed to providing the highest quality resources to maximize nurses' contribution to caring and improving the healthcare of critically ill patients and their families.

This site contains Job Postings for critical care nurses nationwide.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

"Founded in 1968, the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is a national organization of 3,000 registered nurses and other health care professionals dedicated to improving the care of the neuroscience patient and to furthering the interests of health professionals in the neurosciences.

AANN's membership represents nurses and health care professionals working in diverse areas of neuroscience: multispecialty and neuroscience intensive care units; general neuroscience and combination units such as neuro/ortho, neuromuscular/rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry/ neuro-gerontology; rehabilitation units, medical-surgical units, pediatric units, emergency departments, surgery, academia and administration. Associate members may be social workers and other members of the health care team." Their Job Posting page is euphemistically called "Career Advancement Program" ("A rose by any other name...").

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses website contains news, events, and job postings. They also provide links to research and topics for quality surgical patient care.

Emergency Nurses Association

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is a clearinghouse for information about emergency nursing. We round it all up, sift through it, and focus on the most practical news and techniques. There are job posting capabilities on this site.

Nurse Week

Nurse Week is an online journal that covers topics of interest to Nursing Professionals, including education, news, job postings, and career fairs.

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Background Investigations

In the past, background investigations required a fax with a signed authorization before a company could request a background investigation. Today most of these background investigations utilize web based systems that are user friendly. Many of them allow real time checks on the progress of the process. These professionals take a lot of the responsibility of background checks from Contract Recruiters. They are professionals and it is a task we will happily let them do.

American Background Information Services, Inc.

For a quarter of a century American Background has provided comprehensive, compliant and innovative employment screening and verification services that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the workplace in the North American market. Offering regulatory compliance in all 50 states and many other countries, American Background provides consultative support at all stages of the screening process.

Background Bureau

Background Bureau is a one stop background investigation and drug test company that was mentioned in USAToday and the Wall Street Journal. Their costs seem inexpensive for the first year.

Barada Associates, Inc.

Barada Associates are reference checking professionals.  In some states, third party recruiters are no longer legally able to conduct reference checks.  Barada, for a modest fee, will conduct a thorough reference check to insure your candidate is the best.


Kroll can help you verify the backgrounds and resumes of candidates at all levels. Kroll has more than 60 offices and fluency in nearly 40 languages. This provides their clients with an international ability that is so critical in the new Flat World. They also provide form I-9 services.

MicroBilt Corporation

MicroBilt Corporation provides candidate background checking and credit checking. They can provide up to 170 data source reports.

screening One

Screening ONE provides candidate background checking, credit checking, and motor vehicle record checks. They also help you coordinate drug tests.

United Screening Services Corp.

United Screening Services Corp. provides full service pre-employment screening and drug testing. They claim immediate customer service response.

Verifications Inc.

Verifications Inc partners with their clients to provide best practices pre-employment screening solutions, including drug testing and background screening.

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Drug Testing

Alliant Diagnostics

Alliant Diagnostics provides employment verification and drug testing services. They are a third party provider that works with the laboratories that provide the tests.

The multi-state search gives an employer the ability to cover a broad range of criminal geographical or jurisdictional screening. An employer may have traditionally searched criminal records on a state or county basis. These searches are limited in scope because they only cover criminal activities occuring in the respective state or minimally within a county jurisdiction. Due to the transient nature of today's society this search may not cover the vast amount of area a person has resided or traveled through.

The multi-state search, offered by Alliant Diagnostics, gives the employer the capability of searching 38 states and hundreds of county jurisdictions in one shot. To do this manually would normally cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars to perform. The multi-state search offered by Alliant Diagnostics only costs $15.00. In addition the hundreds of jurisdictions covered this search inlcudes a search of the OFAC, Foreign Nationals, and 40 sexual offender databases. The OFAC is the Office of Foreign Asset Controls list names associated as known drug trafficers and terrorists. The Foreign Nationals is a "black list" provided by the government.

The downside to the Multi-State search is that it is a database and not a manual court records search. Thus, information may be delayed by 30-60-90 days. Nevertheless, it is a cost effective solution for companies recognizing the need to secure as dilligent of a background investigation possible.

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Internet Library

Internet Archive WayBack Machine

Have you ever found yourself looking for a web page that used to exist but no longer is there? Perhaps it was a company who listed their employee promotions in their press releases. If you only found those names, you would have a treasure trove of names. If you know the URL, try the Wayback Machine. They have archived many Internet pages in order to preserve them. You may just get lucky. It is a non-profit organization that views itself like a library.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

Smart Search Online

In today's tight economy, recruiters must do more with less. Leveraging technology is key to greater efficiency, productivity and lower costs.

More than 5,000 satisfied users at companies like yours rely on SmartSearch Online software to reduce paperwork, eliminate duplication of effort and automate staffing workflow.

SmartSearch Online gives you powerful tools to instantly organize your jobs, match the right candidates to the right positions and make your job easier.

  • Rated second in Overall Customer Satisfaction by the Electronic Recruiters Exchange national survey of the most popular products.
  • Your own private, centralized and secure database.
  • 24/7 web access from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive functionality, yet incredibly easy to use.
  • Includes complete Career Center pages to your company web site.
  • Integrates with your MS Outlook Calendar for convenient scheduling.
  • No hardware or internal software to buy or maintain.
  • The ONLY applicant tracking system on the market with wireless access.

Whether you have 2 or 200 users, SmartSearch Online software is an affordable, 100% web-based staffing management system that really works.

For a free demo, click on the link above or call Sylvia Dahlby at (480) 502-4513 today.


Taleo is an enterprise based system, sized to fit a very high volume resume requirement. It is a nice system and fairly easy to learn and use.

Oracle iRecruitment

Oracle iRecruitment is another enterprise model for the large corporation and based on the Oracle database management system.

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Recruiter Tools


Career2.com is working hard to be a comprehensive recruitment site. They offer links to job boards, career advice, recruitment resources, and surveys. It is a site that we recommend that you check out.

Recruiters Network

Recruiters Network, The Association for Internet Recruiting is another source of information for recruiting professionals. RecNet is a valuable listserv tool using the experience of other recruiters to answer your legal, sourcing, and recruitment questions. Additionally, check out all of the free information that Recruiters Network supplies, including a listing of well over 100 free career sites.

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Recruiter Training


AIRS was first introduced to us in 1998. At that time, they were working hard to discover ways of reaching resumes outside of the Job Boards. Their target was the so-called "passive" candidates. Then they taught recruiters what they discovered. Highly recommend these courses to professional recruiters. These techniques have improved the efficiency of The Humbert Group in our sourcing efforts as a contract recruitment firm. AIRS offers certification for Internet recruitment skills.

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Regional Recruiting Groups

Atlanta Recruiters

Austin Recruiters

Boston Recruiters

Baltimore Recruiters

Chicago Recruiters

Dallas Recruiters

Denver Recruiters

Honolulu Recruiters

Houston Recruiters

Los Angeles Recruiters

Miami Recruiters

Minneapolis Recruiters

New York Recruiters

New England Recruiters

Orlando Recruiters

Philadelphia Recruiters

Philadelphia Recruiters

Phoenix Recruiters

Phoenix Recruiters

Portland Recruiters

Sacramento Recruiters

Salt Lake City Recruiters

San Diego Recruiters

San Francisco Recruiters

Seattle Recruiters

Washington DC Recruiters

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One of the best salary comparisons that compares salaries from city to city is Homefair.com. Their "Salary Calculator" is one of the best that I have found because it is based on the cost of living in compared cities. As of May 2007, changes have been made in the salary calculator that make it more difficult to use.


Salary.com provides a service for both corporations and candidates. Use it as a guide for salaries for many different professional positions in the United States. The salaries are based on national averages adjusted by geographic salary differentials. As a contract recruiter, accurate salary models are important to my business and credibility. Unfortunately, Salary.com seems to consistently come in substantially higher so be sure to include local Workforce Development salary comparisons that are based on actual local salaries.

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When a Contract Recruiter Consultant has a heavy requisition load, sometimes the client will provide a sourcing company to help the Contract Recruiter identify and develop candidates. Here are several potential sources. I have used Broadlook, Don D’Andrea and eCyber Assistant.

Don D'Andrea

Don is very effective at sourcing candidates for your recruitment team. A typical assignment will develop a minimum of 60 profiled candidates who want to hear from your firm. Very effective.


The Internet is the greatest data source we have ever seen. Always changing, expanding, updating and evolving at a pace faster than we can digest. In order for the Internet to be a great business information source, we must be able to able to identify the information we need, aggregate it efficiently, review it effectively and take action.

Led by a former recruiter, Broadlook Technologies has focused on delivering innovative software solutions and services to empower business professionals to “Leverage the Internet” as a real-time source of contact, company and business intelligence and information for passive talent recruiting as well as business development.

Explore Broadlook's menu of internet research tools to see which would benefit your recruitment and business development efforts:

Profiler: In minutes, Profiler can scan thousands of pages of information on a company, and pull back names, titles, email addresses, company and direct phone numbers, bios, and more. Filter and export results into SmartSearch.

Eclipse: With a few quick steps, you can capture and export online lists, directories, associations, societies, member directories, and other Internet structured lists without the typical copy/paste process that drains hours out of your day.

Diver: Finally take advantage of all the data Search Engines can provide. Use your search strings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others and use Diver to peel out contact, resume, or social profile data saving you hours of critical research time.

Job Pulse: Automate the sourcing of job postings from major and niche job boards to track hiring trends, identify sales opportunities, or map competitive intelligence. Export results or bring companies into Broadlook Profiler to find contacts.

Market Mapper: A search and filter tool, Market Mapper quickly allows you to build a list of companies from scratch using keywords. Go beyond traditional SIC Codes to narrow your list and export company URLs into Broadlook Profiler.

News Pulse: A continuous stream of news articles from thousands of Internet sources to stay updated on market trends, relevant topics, and newly published information without the clumsy e-mail alerts.

eCyber Assistant

eCyber Assistant is a US based company that provides sourcers in India to find resumes and lists of candidates based on your open requisition. Their sourcers are AIRS trained and work overnight while you sleep. This is an example of the “Flat World” (Thank you Mr. Friedman!). The key to your success with them and any sourcer is to ensure you have the requirements locked in and monitor their progress. However, it is sweet to have search results in your email every morning. They charge by the hour and you are locked in to a mutually agreed upon contract. This is a good "secret" resource for contract recruiters and contingent recruiters alike.

Velocity Resource Group

Velocity Resource Group is my wildcard. I have never used their services. However, I did talk to a recruiting manager who was happy with their results. They charge per search and develop candidates for your recruiters to recruit.

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Recruitment Literature


CareerXroads 2006 by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

CareerXroads 2006 is a must for every professional recruiter's library. The book is a directory to Job, Resume, and Career Management sites on the web. You may also click on the link above to reach the on-line version.

One unique advantage to the book and the site is the monthly e-mail updates that are free. We have been receiving them for 8 years.

Gerry and Mark research the 500+ sites, provide a short commentary on them, and include the cost, if any. They also select 50 sites as the best and index thousands of additional sites. In addition to this information, articles are provided to help job seekers and recruiters alike in their quests for success. This is a valuable tool for everyone in the recruitment process.

For your convenience, you may order this book directly from Amazon.Com by clicking on the link at right.

The Fordyce Letter

The Fordyce Letter has been the official newsletter of the Recruitment Industry for thirty years.  It contains a wealth of recruitment information.  Every professional recruiter should be a subscriber.

"Topgrading" by Brad Smart

“Topgrading” by Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D. (Prentice Hall Press)

This book, written by an industrial psychologist, is the best book that we have read on selecting “A” performers.  His clients include General Electric and Allied Signal.

In today’s economy, would you prefer to have “A” level performers lift your firm out of the stock market doldrums or do you prefer to work with the “B” or “C” Players?  In Brad's experience, "A" Players are more innovative, resourceful, and smarter contributors than a "B" or "C" Player.  Therefore, with whom would you rather work?  As a hiring manager, it is your choice.

Brad Smart uses his Chronological In-Depth Structured (CIDS) interview process to weed out the “B” and “C” players in order to find the “A” Players.  His book also tells how to legally weed out underperformers in a fashion that lets those people decide that it is the best career move for them.  It also helps them retain their dignity.

The appendix alone is worth the cost of the book.  The appendix includes the following:

1) Chronological In-Depth Structured (CIDS) interview guide.  This guide should be used for both internal and external candidates.  It provides a structured interviewing track for the interviewers of candidates.  His forms provide hiring managers the ability to learn the maximum amount of information about a candidate.

2) Career History Form.  In most companies, candidates complete an application.  However, sometimes an “A” Player does not want to spend the time to complete one.  The hiring manager encourages the completion of the Career History Form by suggesting that it will potentially save a couple of hours during the interviewing process.

3) In-Depth Reference Check Guide.  Without a doubt, this is the best guide that we have ever used for reference checking.  Brad actually gives the hiring manager a written track to use during the reference check.  

4) Interviewer Feedback Form.  This is the form that all of the interviewers complete shortly after an interview.  It helps the hiring manager get a total view of the candidate.

5) Sample Competencies – Management.  How often have you struggled with a job description?  These fifty competencies may give you the ability to write a job description that may be stronger than your current descriptions.  With this tool, you decide on a scale of one to six how important this skill is for a specific job and then measure how the candidate is rated on the same scale.

Brad Smart covers coaching all employees.  He goes into detail on the reason to coach and how to go about it.

Obviously, as in any book, there are some areas where we disagree.  

The first area is how Brad structures the interview process.  He prefers to interview the candidate intensively over a two day period.  Then, bring the final candidate in a month later.  In my experience, there are two reasons that you do not want to do it this way.

1) In a month, someone else with a quicker interviewing process may have hired the “A” Player.

2) In all of the articles that we have read about memory, within seventy-two hours, we typically forget ninety-five percent of what occurred.  The first things to go are many of the soft reasons why someone is excited about a company.  Typically a job change is more of an emotional change than a rational change.  Therefore, by waiting a month, a company loses that advantage.

The second area where we disagree with Brad’s book is small but significant.  Since he is an industrial psychologist and not a recruiter, he does not totally understand our role in the process.  His points regarding recruiters who specialize in one discipline are true.  There are probably twenty-five to fifty percent of the companies where they may not recruit candidates because they are clients.  Where we believe he misses is the number of “A” Players who professional recruiters refer to companies.  His numbers come from hiring managers, some who probably did not have a strong method of selection prior to Brad’s CIDS interview.  Many times, we have strongly recommended that a manager interview someone that we felt was an “A” Player only to have the manager pass in order to get to the “B” or “C” player.  Once they have selected that candidate, a recruiter’s job is to deliver them.

With those two cautions, we strongly recommend “Topgrading” by Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D.  For your convenience, you may purchase this book from Amazon.com by clicking on the link below.

Bill Humbert   9/18/2001

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Hopefully Contract Recruiters and Contingent Recruiters find these resources helpful. We will continue to monitor and update resources for you to easily access and use.

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